VISION: To be one of the leading Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSP) in the world. MISSION: To provide safe, efficient, effective and economic Air Navigation Services to airspace users, through deployment of new technologies and dedicated workforce.







What is the meaning of NAMA?

NAMA is the acronym for Nigerian Airspace Management Agency.


What does NAMA do?

NAMA is an Air Navigation Services Provider (ANSP)


What do you mean by Air Navigation Services?

Air Navigation Services is the expression used to describe Air Traffic Management services, provision of Communication, Navigation, and surveillance services, and in some cases, aeronautical meteorological services, used by aircraft during flight.


Where does NAMA fall in the Aviation system chain?

NAMA is a Government Parastatal established by an Act of parliament of Nigeria. It was established by ACT No. 48 of 1999, but operationally commenced duties in January 2000.


If NAMA came into being just recently (1999), who then was providing these Air Navigation Services prior to 1999?

Air Navigation services provision was carried out by different Agencies of Government in Nigeria, from where NAMA was created, such as the former Civil Aviation Department (CAD), Federal Civil Aviation Authority (FCAA) and lately, Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN).


Air Navigation Services appears to be the compressed presentation of NAMA’s functions. Apart from those ANS earlier mentioned, are there other services rendered by the Agency?

NAMA provides other services to airspace users such as Aeronautical Information and Communication services, Aeronautical maps and charts, terrain obstacle survey at airports, and aeronautical statistics database for aviation planners and researchers.


Are there career opportunities in NAMA and can I know some?

NAMA employs the services of career professionals such as Air Traffic Controllers, Air Traffic Safety Electronics Engineers, Cartographers, Surveyors, Airspace Designers, etc.  for its core functions. In addition, there are other corporate services that support the core functions in the areas of Accounting, Management, Law, ICT, Public Relations and Business Management to mention but a few.


How does one gain employment into the Agency?

The Agency recruits its personnel through open advertisement, and followed by competitive aptitude tests whenever vacancies exist. In some cases, internal recruitment is conducted by transferring qualified existing staff from one service cadre to another.


Apart from the minimum educational qualifications, are there other requirements for prospective candidates?

Yes, especially in the regulated field like Air Traffic Control; candidates must be graduates of relevant pure or applied sciences, as well as meet ICAO Category III medical certification, with some limiting age barrier.


Why is NAMA always involved during aircraft accident investigations in the Country?

NAMA as an air navigation services provider is the Agency, through its personnel (i.e. Air Traffic Controllers) that is in radio communication with every flying aircraft in the airspace. It is also the sole Agency that is opportuned through real time interaction with aircraft to know, the events that may have taken place immediately prior to the accident. Its statutory functions inherently compel it to give account of its services to the accident aircraft prior to the occurrence.


What are the processes involved before one can bring in an aircraft to fly in the Nigerian airspace?

Any person (both corporate or not) who wants to fly in an aircraft into the Nigerian Airspace has to start by filing the application to the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority which issues a checklist of safety and operational conditions to be met. When the safety and operational conditions are met, NAMA is contacted with evidence of the NCAA Authorization. Thereafter, upon meeting some safety, operational and commercial terms, the applicant obtains a joint NAMA/NCAA clearance to enter, or overfly into the Nigerian airspace.


Are the procedures the same for every category of aircraft operations desired?

The procedures vary slightly, generally depending on the intended operation e.g scheduled flight, non-scheduled flight, Ambulance flight, Technical landing flight, overflight, deportee flight, diplomatic flight, military flight, etc.


At the airports, one encounters other different aviation Agencies such as Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET), and tends to get confused. What are their main differences?

FAAN is responsible for airport facilities and services such as Offices, building and civil infrastructure, Security, Fire and Rescue service. On the other hand, NCAA regulates the services provided by all the Agencies and the Airlines to ensure compliance with predetermined safety and economic objectives of air transport. NIMET provides aeronautical Meteorological services such as routine weather reports, forecast and other climatological data necessary for aircraft safety, while NAMA is the Air Navigation Service Provider responsible for the provision of Air Traffic Service, communication, Navigation and Surveillance services, etc.



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