VISION: To be one of the leading Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSP) in the world. MISSION: To provide safe, efficient, effective and economic Air Navigation Services to airspace users, through deployment of new technologies and dedicated workforce.

As you are well aware the office of the company secretary and the legal adviser of NAMA has been divided into two distinct offices. This official separation has therefore created the need for a clear and distinct schedule of duties for the office of Company Secretary.


The Company Secretary shall therefore

  • Serve as Secretary to the Board and Board Committees, including Management or Management Committee meetings; providing guidance to both Board and Management on the best practices in the proper conduct of meetings and corporate governance.
  • Coordinate all administrative, financial and budgeting issues for Board activities and Board Members, subject to established processes and controls.
  • Coordinate all correspondence and interaction between the Board, Chairman and Board Members, including preparation of Board papers, Memos and Minutes.
  • Coordinate, monitor and follow-up action points arising from board, Management and committee meetings to ensure due and timely compliance, reporting back to the Board or Managing Director on the compliance status of all such matters.
  • Coordinate all reports of Management intended for preparation and presentation as Board papers to the Board, including papers or reports intended for presentation at Management meetings.
  • Serve as Custodian of the Agency’s Corporate Seal, affixing same unto Agency contracts and documents as duly authorized by the board or the managing director.
  • Assist the board in the performance of all its statutory functions, compliance with all relevant laws, and adoption where considered necessary from other departments within the Agency.
  • Perform such other company secretarial services as may be required by the board or the Agency from time to time.


Furthermore, in the current era of rapid industry transformation additional responsibilities of the Company Secretary shall include:

  • Assisting the Managing Director in coordinating Ministerial and inter-Agency liaison, cooperation and communication, including interaction with local and international aviation industry agencies.
  • Assisting the Managing Director in coordinating the domestication, dissemination and compliance within NAMA of policies and best practices received from the ministry and relevant local and international agencies.
  • As statutory custodian of NAMA’s records, coordinating the digitalization, centralization, storage and security of all NAMA’S records in line with international best practices.
  • Coordinating the design, development, implementation and continuous improvement of an effective corporate governance and compliance frame work in line with international Best Practices.
  • Coordinating the framework for the Corporatization of NAMA and matters relating thereto.
  • Full involvement and participation in the conceptualization, development and implementation of all Agency Policies, Goals and strategic impact plans.
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