VISION: To be one of the leading Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSP) in the world. MISSION: To provide safe, efficient, effective and economic Air Navigation Services to airspace users, through deployment of new technologies and dedicated workforce.

MISSION: The Servicom Department of Nigerian Airspace Management Agency is committed to ensuring quality service delivery and providing adequate information to our esteemed customers.

One of the cardinal objectives of the Federal Government is that of efficient service delivery particularly in the Public Sector of the economy. Essentially, SERVICOM (Service Compact) was created out of the necessity to deliver quality service to all citizens.

This Department in NAMA is headed by a General Manager (Nodal Officer), with 3 Units, mainly:

       1.  CHARTER DESK

  The main function of the Charter Desk is to publicize the day to day services rendered by each department in the organization including time frames for carrying out each job. It is an obligation from the SERVICOM Office to have the Charter in place and distributed to all frontline offices. SERVICOM Charters are promises upon which customers can expect quality Service delivery and demand their rights to good service.


The major function of this unit is to investigate and analyze complaints by customers and to ascertain and differentiate the complaints about service provision and service delivery. It is also important for this unit to make sure that action is taken to remedy the cause(s) of justified complaints.


This unit is responsible for the dissemination of best practices, promotion of quality assurance and other tips on service delivery improvement. It is also to monitor the implementation of the charters as submitted by each department.

All units in the department report to the Nodal officer who is responsible for overseeing all the activities of the various units and sanctioning of defaulting departments in the entire organization.



  • To manage links with strategic partners and other stakeholders on service delivery, market research, customer care/relations, etc.
  • To facilitate a safe and conducive working environment for staff at adequate levels of service delivery.
  • To institute appropriate market research techniques in identifying customer needs and expectations.
  • To produce, review and monitor performance Charters of each department which is a mandatory requirement for customers to know the services provided and demand their rights based on same.
  • To develop and carry out sensitization programmes for the Agency and report progress of same to the SERVICOM Office.
  • To institute a Complaints Procedure including Grievance Redress Mechanism for the Agency.
  • To disseminate best practices and other tips on service delivery improvement.
  • To provide a comprehensive and effective training policy for frontline Staff on Customer Relations and related matters.
  • To ensure the promotion of quality assurance and best practices in the Agency’s performance of its functions.
  • To liaise with the Stakeholders for their input while formulating/reviewing the Agency’s Charter.
  • To oversee the reception area of the organization.
  • Ensuring that the Agency’s customers receive an adequate level of service or help for their queries and concerns.
  • Interact with customers to provide up-to-date information in response to inquiries about services of the Agency.
  • Promptly and efficiently handle and resolve complaints from customers of the Agency. Arrange Customers Service Forum as and when directed by the MD/CE.
  • Serve as the direct point of contact for all customers of the Agency.
  • Ensure high quality in all services rendered by the Agency.
  • Perform other official assignments as may be required from time to time. 



All queries should be forwarded to

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