VISION: To be one of the leading Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSP) in the world. MISSION: To provide safe, efficient, effective and economic Air Navigation Services to airspace users, through deployment of new technologies and dedicated workforce.

The Department of Aeronautical Chart Services (ACS) was carved out of the existing department of Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) in December 2005. The department is charged with the sole responsibility of ensuring the acquisition and management of Aeronautical Data, production, distribution and sales of Aeronautical Charts necessary for the safety, regularity and the efficiency of air navigation.

The role and importance of aeronautic charts/data changed significantly with the implementation of Area Navigation (RNAV), Required Navigation Performance (RNP) and airborne computer based navigation system. Corrupt or erroneous aeronautical information/data can potentially affect the authenticity of a chart, and subsequently the safety of air navigation. To satisfy the uniformity and consistency in the provision of Aeronautic chart that is required for the operational use by computer based navigation systems, standards and procedures established for international use shall be strictly adhered to.

It is recognized that supplementary procedures may be required in certain cases in order to meet particular and or peculiar requirements within the Nigerian airspace. Guidance materials on the organization and operation of Aeronautical charts are contained in the Aeronautical charts manual (produced by ICAO), Doc. 8697-An/889 and ICAO- Annex (SARPS) and NCAA manual of standards for Aeronautical charts.

Furthermore/ the department of Aeronautical chart services is the sole custodian of Nigerian Airspace Aeronautical spatial Data Base (SDB).


Aeronautical Cartography unit:

Cartography has been described as the meeting place of science hence defined as the Act, science and technology of drawing (making) maps. The primary purpose of a map is to convey information or to “get across” a geographical concept or relationship. Sections under this unit are

i. Aeronautical charting unit

ii. Digitizing/chart editing and Quality Assurance unit

Data Compilation and Analysis unit:

This unit ensures the acquisition and management of Aeronautical Data with the application of sophisticated survey equipment such as GPS, TOTALISTATION, DIGITAL LEVEL and GIS software for aeronautical data management and analysis covering Nigerian Flight Information Region (KANO FIR). Its sections are:

i. Aeronautical Survey unit (concerned with data Acquisition/capturing)

ii. Geographic information system (GIS LAB) unit (concern with data management)


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